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Some good reasons to come to Campinas

Campinas is not a touristic city, but it is just 100 km from São Paulo , and has two important universities: Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and University of Campinas, the venue of this event.

Academics have further reasons to want to visit Campinas. Brazil, and, in particular, the State of São Paulo, is very much interested in attracting young scientific talents as well as established researchers interested in any aspect of the Brazilian environment (e.g., linguistic diversity).

Campinas’ high standard of living and strategic location in the heart of the Southeast makes it a good base for short and long term academic visits. For foreign scholars wishing to spend some time in a Brazilian university, funding from federal and state agencies is not only available but also generous.

The federal Science without Borders program is not focused on the Human and Social Sciences, but applications from the areas represented in this meeting cannot be ruled out because of their strong links with the Natural Sciences. Information on Science without Borders for Foreigners is available here .

In the State of São Paulo opportunities are still more numerous. Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, the local research funding agency, encourages applications from all knowledge fields. Post-docs should apply for Young Talent fellowhips, whereas senior researchers should apply for Visiting Researcher fellowships.

University of Campinas (Unicamp)

In QS 2014 Unicamp ranks 15th among the top universities under 50 years old . It also ranks 3rd in Latin America and 10th among BRICS countries .

Click here to access its homepage.


Viracopos , the Campinas international airport, is served by only a few international airlines, but connections from Rio de Janeiro have reasonable waiting time.

Another option is to use Guarulhos , the São Paulo international airport, where there is bus service to Campinas .


Unicamp has a campus hotel called Casa do Professor Vistante . Please contact the organizing committee for reservations.

Click below for the sites of neaby hotels and hostels:

Sol Inn Barão Geraldo Phone: +55 19 3749-8500

Hostel Chaplins Phone: +55 19 3325-0097

Pousada Universitária Phone: + 55 19 3308-6656

Dinafon stands for Dinâmica Fônica, i.e., speech dynamics, and expresses the research interests of a group of phonologists/phoneticians directed by Eleonora Albano.

e-mail  albano@unicamp.br
phone  +55 19 35211532
Rua Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 571
Cidade Universitária
Campinas/SP – Brazil
CEP 13.083–859

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