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Special address

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz (Scientific Director, Fapesp)

The rich documentation produced by SPSASSD can be downloaded from this page. Above is Prof. Brito Cruz’s talk on research funding and science productivity in the State of São Paulo. Below are the presentations from the five day program, including students’ posters.

Course presentations

Albano, DemolinPhonetic data analysis693 KB


Ades, DemolinPrimate language evolution13.3 MB

Round tables

Alves, Berti, Ferreira-Gonçalves, ZimmerAcoustic clues to gestural processes in L1 and L2 acquisition2.48 MB


Leonardo Araujo, Hani Yehia and Thaïs CristófaroMultidimensional Scaling Representation of Speech Sound Dissimilarities375 KB
Leonardo Lancia and Susanne FuchsApplying Recurrence Analysis to Speech1.22 MB
Marianna NadeuSecondary Stress in Catalan425 KB
Ricardo NapoleãoEmergent Consonantal Clusters320 KB
Renné Alegria and Maria Ines NogueiraSpeech Production of mild Alzheimer’s disease patients1.16 MB
Victor Hugo Medina Soares and Liliane P. BarbosaOn the nature of raised mid front vowels in Brazilian Portuguese423 KB


Here are some photos kindly sent by Prof. John Kingston:

Dinafon stands for Dinâmica Fônica, i.e., speech dynamics, and expresses the research interests of a group of phonologists/phoneticians directed by Eleonora Albano.

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