São Paulo School of Advanced Studies in Speech Dynamics

Frequently asked questions

Can non-students apply for funding for SPSASSD?

No. Post-doctoral fellows are considered students for funding and participation purposes. Priority will be given to selected candidates that have no financial aid for traveling and living expenses. FAPESP fellows may submit abstracts for participation, but are ineligible for funding.

Can faculty members of speech science and related programs participate in SPSASSD?

Yes, but this is restricted to: (1) junior faculty with recent doctorates (2005 or later) authoring an accepted paper; or (2) co-authors of one or more accepted papers. In principle, no funding is available for faculty. However, exceptions might be considered in special cases, such as unpaid leave of absence and temporary or part time jobs. Please send specific inquiries to spsassd@iel.unicamp.br .

How can I send my research director’s recommendation letter if my institution does not allow for it to be handed to me?

You can have it sent to spsassd@iel.unicamp.br .

My graduate program does not offer any courses at the doctoral level. Can I apply without attaching transcripts?

Yes. Please have your research director mention your program’s rules in the recommendation letter.

Can I submit an incomplete application if my transcripts or proof of requirement completion are in only after the deadline is expired?

Yes. Your abstract and statement of purpose letter (plus your résumé, if you are a post-doc) are the only indispensable documents at submission. All others may be sent later if you do not get them in time. Please send or have them sent to spsassd@iel.unicamp.br .

How can I register?

Registration will be open only after the selection process is completed. Priority will be given to authors and co-authors of accepted papers.

Are there fees?

No. There are no fees, registration or other.

Will there be certificates?

Yes. Certificates will be issued for full-time participants. Part-time participation is not allowed.

What happens if I cannot participate to the end?

Funded participants will be under a full-time contract. In case they miss a session without justification, they will have to reimburse FAPESP with the entire amount spent on their transportation and living expenses.

What languages can be studied in Brazil?

For information on languages spoken in Brazil, please contact the organizing committee with more specific questions through spsassd@iel.unicamp.br .

I have seen no openings in speech science in the FAPESP post-doctoral fellowship link. Will there be such openings in the future?

Yes. You can watch for future announcements by funded projects or apply individually with the support of an institution in the State of São Paulo.

Dinafon stands for Dinâmica Fônica, i.e., speech dynamics, and expresses the research interests of a group of phonologists/phoneticians directed by Eleonora Albano.

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