The research group

Antonio Carlos Silvano Pessotti

Research fields Phonetics and Phonology, Musicology, Music, Prosody, Musicolinguistics, Sociophonetics, Dynamical Systems, Complex Systems, Complex Networks

Collaboration Research the similarities and differences between spoken and sung productions, under Dynamical Theory concepts. I focus on the description and analysis of prosodic aspects, including the rhythm, intonation and vowel variability, as the basis for...

Beatriz Raposo de Medeiros

Research fields Phonetics and Music Cognition

Collaboration Having carried out on my doctorate in speech and singing at Lafape under the guidance of Eleanora Albano, my thinking on linguistics is permeated by the idea of movements, actions and their cognitive aspects...

Cássio Augusto Alves de Andrade Santos

Research fields speech an singing, ryhtm, Phonetics

Collaboration My contribution to Dinafon lies on my current experiment in synchronized singing, comparin bossa-nova to Brazilian rock....

Denise Pozzani de Freitas Barbosa

Research fields Phonetics and Phonology, Linguistic variation and change

Collaboration From 2007 to 2011, I worked with gradient aspects of speech production, describing Brazilian Portuguese affricates from a particular dialect. I have been also collaborating with other group members in the investigation of phonological acquisition...

Diego Jiquilin Ramirez

Research fields 

Collaboration ...

Eleonora Cavalcante Albano

Research fields Phonetics and phonology, language acquisition, sound change

Collaboration My work draws on dynamic theories of speech and language and on philosophical pragmatics. My teaching and research seek to integrate speech to general cognition, in a dynamic view of the body, mind and sociability....

Marcus Martins

Research fields Phonetics, Intonation, Mathematical modelling

Collaboration In my master's research I have investigated the processes of perception and production of intonation . The central proposal of my work is that there is an intrinsic relationship between the physiological processes that regulate...

Maria Cláudia Camargo de Freitas

Research fields 

Collaboration ...

Ubiratã Kickhöfel Alves

Research fields Second Language Phonological Acquisition

Collaboration My main research interests concern the acquisition of English by Brazilian Portuguese learners, with an emphasis on formal grammar models such as Optimality Theory and Harmonic Grammar. The research studies I have carried out at Dinafon aim to...

Dinafon stands for Dinâmica Fônica, i.e., speech dynamics, and expresses the research interests of a group of phonologists/phoneticians directed by Eleonora Albano.

phone  +55 19 35211532
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Cidade Universitária
Campinas/SP – Brazil
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